Wedding Party

Jessica Kelly

Matron of Honor

Jessica is Jennifer's twin (younger by 2 minutes), and Jen's best friend! Jessica lives in Colorado Springs and in between hiking with her family and dogs, she works as a Registered Nurse (go Billikens!) She is newly married and has the cutest newborn, make sure to ask to see pictures of baby Bennett!

Cloey Millerick


Cloey and Jen met bonded in college at UC Davis. They were both teammates on the field hockey team and roommates for two years - quickly becoming best friends. Cloey lives in Chico and spends her time hiking and practicing as an Occupational Therapist. Ask Cloey what she found in her wall while remodeling the whole house by herself (+ husband Casey)

Erica Cohen


Erica and Jen first met back in high school on the same club field hockey team in San Diego and played many games against one another (rival high school teams)! At UC Davis, they became teammates, best friends, and roommates. Erica currently lives in San Diego but that doesn't stop her from Facetiming Jen every day to catch up and stay in touch!

Jenna Anderson


Jenna and Jen (easily mixed up) met over a year ago working together! Jenna and Jen sat together and once they started talking... they never stopped. Many people just call us 'The Jenn As" Jenna like's Cab and Giant's stadium hotdogs

Alexandra Iwaszewicz


Alexandra, Eli's only (and older) sister and Jen's future sister-in-law, has become one of Jen's dearest friends. From the moment they met, Ale welcomed Jen into the family with open arms and made her feel right at home! Alexandra lives in San Francisco where she's a Teacher and Principal! Ask her about corralling 100 children after lunch...

AJ Tan

Best Man

AJ is an interesting character. He first met Eli in San Francisco where they bonded over inapropriate jokes, hiking and disliking the same people. While Eli was not part of AJ's recent wedding party, he doesn't hold it against him and has asked AJ to be his best man. AJ is one of the only crossfitters that doesn't introduce himself as a crossfitter.

Elliot Fine


Elliot is the one on the right of the photo and would like viewers to think that he caught that fish. Similar to AJ, Elliot has a unique sense of humor and interests that bond the group together. Elliot is recently engaged and plans to use this experience as a groomsman to know what his wedding day may turn out to be. Ask Elliot why he always gets us lost during hikes even though he studied navigation in the military... hmm

Peter Iwaszewicz


If you start noticing a fishing trend by now its because everyone on this group enjoys catching a fish or two in the never ending attempt to "feed the family". Pete is brother number 3. After graduating college and leaving his "2013 Pete" personality behind, Peter has evoled into one of the more level headed members of this group. If you get a chance, ask Pete about his reality TV star neighbor in Chico....

Alex Iwaszewicz


Alex is the youngest member of the Ballerz Inc consortium. When he's not looking for Mrs. Perfect on Tinder he's out fighting for our freedoms as a US Marine. Ask Alex about his favorite pizza joint in San Francisco or how many pushups he can do after a couple drinks - you're sure to get some SnapChat gold!

John Iwaszewicz


John is one cool dude. Out of all the brothers, John is the only one with a full head of hair. John is also Eli's brother. John is an excellent artist and musician. If you get a chance, ask him about his guitar collection - better yet if there's a piano in the room, grab a nice drink and ask him to play something for you!

Ben Iwaszewicz


When he's not doing some scientific research, Ben is one of the few brothers to take the time and catch up with everyone. While he'd like to think he's good at fishing, we have yet to see him catch anything other than twigs or Eli's ear. If you get a chance, ask Ben about triglyceride synthesization by adipocytes or hepatocytes from carbohydrate precursors or the current international corporate thermonuclear ecosystem.. make sure to have a drink and comfy seat handy...
Katherine Moynagh